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Sick Bag for on-the-go families with travel sick children

Travel sickness is always a problem for some and the cost of a pack of vomit bags far outweigh the time and costs involved with cleaning up the mess (not to mention the smell!) that results from travel sick children (or adults).


Chuckies are a compact, deep, purpose-designed sick bag, with a “can’t miss” hard plastic opening, an anti-spill lock (to contain contents as well as odour) and they fit easily into glove boxes, carry-on luggage, hand bags and first aid kits.


Handy for anyone who suffers from motion sickness, morning sickness, car sickness, sea sickness, travel sickness or anyone with a sickness bug or gastro and a must for on-the-go families travelling anywhere.

Chuckies come in packs of four and can be ordered via our website here.

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