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Sick or Spew Bag VLOG by CRAP Mamma

Jacqui from Creative Relaxed Approach Parenting Mamma, or as she's better known CRAP Mamma has written a VLOG (which means that there's a video to watch too) on Chuckies, this is what she had to say:

And it seems that of late we’ve had more than our fair share of vomit-related illnesses,  so really, ‘CRAP Mamma’ and ‘reviewing spew-bags’ go together like red wine and dark chocolate or children and lollipops…..

The only problem with reviewing spew bags is that to really test them you kinda have to wait for someone to spew……so of course after receiving our packs of Chuckies Travel Sickness bags in the mail, no-one barfed. At all!!

We did have one close call with 3 year old Mayhem assuming the puke position in the middle of the night. Thankfully that was a false alarm because I couldn’t find the bloody puke bags in the dark and was ready and waiting with hands cupped and eyes closed!!

I now have Chuckies bags tucked inside everyone’s bedside drawers just in case!!

So the question is, how do you review a sick bag when….ummm…..no-one is sick?

Well you think outside the square……

You fill it with fluid and check for any leakage……

Chuckies spew bag test

Nup, no leakage....

But that was boring…..so we did a VLOG instead….

The VLOG is based on our boys’ knowledge of appropriate spewage i.e. where they can and most importantly canNOT spew!


And no, you’re not going to be able to get that song out of your head for the rest of the day…….you’re welcome!

So the Chuckies sick bags come in packs of three and are available at most pharmacies or Service Stations and cost around $4 per 3-pack.

In all seriousness, they’re very user friendly (when tested without the addition of barf) and bloody handy to have around if someone’s having a puke-fest in your house or car!


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