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Chuckies Travel Sick Bags - about our vomit bags

Chuckie’s sick bags were launched fairly recently, when the need for a family-friendly vomit bag was recognised by EmBag® designer Ken Bailey.

Ken, a paramedic,had designed a sick bag for patients in transit over 20 years ago. Travelling with his own small children on long journeys around Australia made the EmBag® sickness bag indispensable and identified the need for vomit bags for families.

Our hospital-grade sick bag brands Chuckie’s® and EmBag® and associated products are widely used within medical clinics, hospitals, ambulances and schools both nationally and internationally.

Frontline is an Australian-family owned and operated business and our vomit bags are manufactured both locally and internationally.

For further information about Frontline-Innovations sickness bags and other emesis products please visit our website www.frontline-innovations.com.au.









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