Sick bags for any sickness sufferer, at home or in the car!

Chuckies Sick Bags and Wipes are compact, easy to use, disposable vomit bags with a twist n seal lock to contain contents and odour. A deep barf bag with a "can't miss" hard plastic opening that fits easily over any mouth and is ideal for sick children or adults. Our hospital grade sickness bag can be used at home, in the car, plane, boat or ship for any vomit related illness including motion sickness, morning sickness, gastro, travel sickness, chemotherapy, sea sickness, car sickness, food poisoning, air sickness. MORE...




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Where can I buy sick bags?
Sick bags which offer a simple, convenient way to manage sickness at home or in transit. read more You can use Chuckies® Travel Sickness Bags to raise funds for your kinder.
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